About me

    I'm a Software Engineer based in Cambridge, UK.

    What do I do now

    Node.js became my primary language in 2013, since then I created some npm packages and delivered a few projects. That's what I mostly do these days.

    I get involved in data processing, software architecture, CI, deployments and cross-platform applications. I aim to deliver the best possible solutions to problems big and small, as well as to create the tools to facilitate that.

    In short: I write some apps, I try to learn C++ and Go, I manage some Linux servers, I build and deploy code every day. I try to automate everything and I create some hobby projects in the meantime.

    I also write some cross-platform GUI apps, I created a binary delivery service for ffmpeg suite, I make some music every now and then, I try to play with Raspberry Pi but never have enough time, I read the network/security blogs, I also watch and listen to all sorts of stuff.


    I always liked technology and I've been into web development since more-or-less 2000.

    I've developed a fondness for elegance, reliability, functionality and simplicity in code. To a large extent I am a perfectionist who cares about making the right choices and doing the job correctly - although sometimes we all have to prototype things quickly to unblock a more important piece of work. I write lots of code, some of it I commit to open source projects and some of it I simply write for the fun of writing it.

    Through years of working on the client-side code I've learned nearly everything about HTML, CSS and JavaScript (although it's virtually impossible to keep up with it nowadays). I've used iframes in IE, I copy-and-pasted scripts in the early 2000s, I made Flash movies, I used MooTools, Prototype, jQuery, Bootstrap and Foundation. When all these frameworks really took off they allowed for significant reduction in the required front-end workload.

    I started moving to the server-side. I've already picked up some fairly basic PHP a long time ago and I moved on to proper application development around 2009. After looking at various frameworks I started working with CodeIgniter as it was very well documented and had a great community. From 2013 my remaining PHP work revolved mostly around Laravel.