My past projects

For over a decade I have worked on a huge range and variety of projects - some of which I have trouble remembering myself, some of which deserve an extra bit of prominence. This is some of what I've been doing professionally for the past few years.



Open Source

As you've probably noticed by now, I tend to create and maintain a few small projects on the side.

ffbinaries | Node module

TL;DR: downloads ffmpeg, ffprobe, ffplay and ffserver binaries, cross-platform

I created this API and a Node.js client lib to facilitate downloading of prebuilt binaries of ffmpeg, ffplay, ffprobe and ffserver for Windows, Linux and Mac platforms.

I decided to repackage the binaries to allow shipping of individual components and to ensure a consistent format. I got a domain and shared it as there appears to be a fair group of people who needed the same thing.

Started off as a weekend project to be implemented in my other app but it gained some traction and after 15 months it passed the mark of delivering 100,000 binaries. Needless to say - I haven't got around to implementing it in my other app :)

RemoteStack Player

Website / Download | GitHub repo

TL;DR: I liked old WinAMP and I got tired of waiting for a Mac/Linux versions.

Cross-platform audio player, written in Electron.

  • Represents track as a waveform (SoundCloud style)
  • window resizes well from a tiny player to a full screen app
  • allows playback of audio from YouTube (with caching to prevent unnecessary waste of bandwidth).


Website | GitHub repo

Proxies files from media hosting websites to avoid trackers (youtube-dl as a service).
Doesn't log any personal information.


NPM package | GitHub repo (Node.js) | GitHub repo (GoLang)

Memorable password generator


NPM package | GitHub repo

Maps EC2 instances and S3 buckets from multiple AWS accounts


NPM package | GitHub repo

Simple command line argument parser