My past projects

For over a decade I have worked on a huge range and variety of projects.

This is some of what I've been doing professionally for the past few years.

  • Cambridge Core
  • ProQuest Search
  • Queen Victoria's Journals

Open Source

As you've probably noticed by now, I tend to create and maintain a few small projects on the side.

ffbinaries | Node module

TL;DR: downloads ffmpeg, ffprobe, ffplay and ffserver binaries, cross-platform

I created this API and a Node.js client lib to facilitate downloading of prebuilt binaries of ffmpeg, ffplay, ffprobe and ffserver for Windows, Linux and Mac platforms.

I decided to repackage the binaries to allow shipping of individual components and to ensure a consistent format. I got a domain and shared it as there appears to be a fair group of people who needed the same thing.

Started off as a weekend project to be implemented in my other app but it gained some traction and after a while it managed to deliver over 1 million binaries to users worldwide. Needless to say I still haven't got around to implementing it in my other app.

RemoteStack Player

GitHub repo

TL;DR: I liked old WinAMP and I got tired of waiting for a Mac/Linux versions.
This project is currently suspended.

Cross-platform audio player, written in Electron.

  • Represents track as a waveform (SoundCloud style)
  • window resizes well from a tiny player to a full screen app
  • allows playback of audio from YouTube (with caching to prevent unnecessary waste of bandwidth).


Website | GitHub repo

A service to proxy files from media hosting websites to avoid trackers (youtube-dl as a service).
Doesn't log any personal information.

Great Converto

Website | GitHub repo

An online service allowing conversion between media file formats (ffmpeg as a service).
Doesn't log any personal information.


NPM package | GitHub repo (Node.js) | GitHub repo (GoLang)

Memorable password generator


NPM package | GitHub repo

Maps EC2 instances and S3 buckets from multiple AWS accounts


NPM package | GitHub repo

Simple command line argument parser